23rd November




Admar Verschoor


“Dr. Verschoor´s research interests revolve around roles for the complement system in instructing and coordinating an effective immune response to infection. Since 2015, he is full professor for “systemic complement research” at the University of Lübeck in northern Germany. Dr. Verschoor studied Bioprocess Engineering at Wageningen University and started his work in research in 1997 in the laboratory of Robin Weiss at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, before joining Michael Carroll at Harvard Medical School for his PhD research on the influence of the complement system on humoral immunity to viral infection. For this work, Dr. Verschoor was awarded a PhD degree from the Medical Faculty at the Free University Amsterdam in 2006. The then carried out postdoctoral research with Rolf Zinkernagel and Hans Hengartner at the University of Zurich and Dirk Busch at the Technical University Munich. In 2011, Dr. Verschoor started an independent research group at the Institute for medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene in Munich and moved with his group to the Institute for systemic Inflammation Research in Lübeck in 2015. There, he continues to pursue questions pertaining to the contribution of complement opsonization to antigen-capture, -distribution, and -retention and its relevance for the generation of effective adaptive and innate immune responses.”

Email: Admar.Verschoor@uksh.de

Taku Fukuzawa


Dr. Fukuzawa obtained his PhD degree in 2007 from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan where he discovered the physiological function of a novel GPCR, GPR116. In the same year he joined Chugai Pharmaceutical (Japan) to work on an SGLT2 inhibitor, tofogliflozin, for diabetes. In 2012 he moved to Singapore to work at Chugai Pharmabody Research, to focus on the anti-C5 antibody project, SKY59, as a project leader. More recently in 2017 he moved back to Japan to work again at Chugai Pharmaceutical where he is now involved in multiple antibody projects as a project leader for pharmacology function. Selected publications relevant for the current presentation:

SKY59, a novel recycling antibody, for complement-mediated diseases. Curr Med Chem. 2018 (in press),  and

Long lasting neutralization of C5 by SKY59, a novel recycling antibody, is a potential therapy for complement-mediated diseases. Sci Rep. 2017 Apr 24;7(1):1080.

Email: fukuzawatk@chugai-pharm.co.jp